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Planning Success for Dwelling in Richmond

Viable Placemaking were thrilled to help achieve approval for a replacement dwelling in Richmond.

Viable Placemaking were recently contacted by a homeowner in Richmond seeking advice regarding the affordable housing contribution required for their replacement dwelling application.

Adam Place MRTPI, Viable Placemaking's Director, has extensive experience in navigating affordable housing policies and viability matters around the UK, including in Richmond upon Thames which, like many Council's in London, has a very strict affordable housing policy.

The Viability Assessment concluded the development was unviable and should not be required to contribute towards affordable housing and this was agreed by the Council who subsequently approved the planning application.

The client kindly wrote, "I would like to thank you for your services in making this project possible."

"Your advice and the efficient nature in which you completed the submission were instrumental to mitigating the significant contribution that Richmond council requested."

"I also would like to acknowledge how you stayed engaged with all parties through the submission process until the plans were approved. This ensured the viability assessment flowed smoothly through the process."

"Without your help and support our plans would essentially have been halted."

Viable Placemaking is committed to providing all types of housing, including open market and affordable housing, where it is viable and deliverable at a site, to meet the needs of the community and were thrilled to have the opportunity to assist on this high-quality scheme.

If you have a development which you think is unviable, or if you would like to learnmore about the viability process, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


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