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Core Values

Viable Placemaking's staff hold professional memberships with multiple organisations, including the Royal Town Planning Institute, the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, and the Institute of Economic Development, and accord with the relevant codes of conduct and professional standards for these bodies. 

In addition, we strongly believe in leading by example. While the work we conduct for our clients is varied in nature and geography, we have five Core Values which underpin our commitment to the betterment of placemaking. 


Betterment of Affordability and Placemaking

Viable Placemaking are committed to the betterment of placemaking, for our namesake. This will involve supporting developments which meet the needs of the community. Viable Placemaking will support development which provides housing at appropriate sites and represents sustainable development. Specifically, we will support schemes which improve affordability.


Competence and Communication

Viable Placemaking will maintain professional competence in all professional manners and shall take appropriate actions to allow staff to act competently, conscientiously and responsibly. As professional town planners, Viable Placemaking's staff will take appropriate measures to ensure their knowledge, skills and expertise is of a sufficient level to adequately provide good-quality professional work. In addition, Viable Placemaking will seek to communicate in a way which is clear, accessible, comprehendible, and respectful. 


Honesty and Integrity

Viable Placemaking's staff will act and represent themselves with honesty and integrity in all matters. We will represent developments as well as our clients and colleagues with the highest professional standard, taking responsibility and accountability for our professional work. Where possible and appropriate, Viable Placemaking will demonstrate sticktoitiveness. This echos the first core principle of the RTPI's Code of Professional Conduct and RICS' Rules of Conduct. 


Inclusivity, Empathy and Respect

Our work shall be based on a foundation of collaboration with those we work with to deliver the best results for the developments we represent. In all manners, Viable Placemaking shall support inclusivity and treat all people - whether they are a client, colleague, or stranger - with due respect. Where possible, this should be led by kindness, compassion and empathy in ways which support professional competence. 


Social and Environmental Sustainability

In line with two of the three sustainability objectives of the Government's National Planning Policy Framework, Viable Placemaking will endeavour to act as a socially and environmentally sustainable company, which shall support developments and measures to address climate change. 

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