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Do you have a site which you would like to bring forward for development and would like some assistance with navigating through the planning process? Or would you like assistance with Land Identification. Viable Placemaking can assist in the identification of prospective sites and provide Professional Planning Advice on the best strategy to proceed and navigate through the planning process.

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Planning Services and Insights


Land Identification

Identifying land which is appropriate for development can be one of the first hurdles to overcome in the development process. Viable Placemaking offer expert land identification services to assist developers in identifying appropriate land for their development and reviewing it through a professional lens to understand the planning potential of the site. 

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Professional Planning Advice

If you have a site and are considering what development may be possible at your site, or if you are looking to move forward with an application or appeal but would like some professional guidance or assistance, we will be able to provide professional planning advice to help guide you through the planning process.

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Economic Optimization Appraisals

Are you considering a development but want to understand what the most optimal proposal is economically? Our Economic Optimization Appraisals, like Viability Appraisals, can consider the economic implications of a development, such as build costs and the development timings to provide advice on the best course of action.


Rural Exception Sites 

At a high level, rural exception sites are development located in the countryside and seek to provide affordable homes, to meet the local housing need. 

This Insight provides an introduction to rural exception sites and the factors which can impact their validity and viability. 

Quick Guide - What is Planning__edited.p

Quick Guide - What is Planning?

Town Planning can be complicated and it can be difficult for homeowners and applicants to understand the what's and why's behind the profession.


This Quick Guide hopes to provide an introduction into the town planning system so that you can enter into your applications and appeals a bit more confident!


Land - service

Green Belt vs Greenfield Land - what's the difference? 

There is a lot of confusion around Green Belt land and Greenfield land, and the two are often used synonymously. This Insight seeks to explain what these types of land are and the differences which exist between them.  

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