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Viable Placemaking has an expertise in Development Economics and our team has experience assisting a broad range of clients, from developers to Local Authorities in planning economic matters. ​

Scroll down to see some of our key services related to Economics or, for more information on this Sector, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Planning Services and Insights

CIL - service

Community Infrastructure Levy

Our team have experience in establishing strategies and formal reviews of CIL through the regulations to advise you no matter what stage of the process you are at. 

5YHLS - service

Housing Land Supply

Due to the national housing crisis, ensuring a Council has an adequate housing land supply can be instrumental in the success of a planning application. We are able to assist through preparing Housing Land Supply reviews to accompany your application and fully address this factor. If you would like to discuss a HLS review please get in touch and a member of our team will be able to assist.

Needs Assessments.jpg

Needs and Benefits Assessments

There are many types of Needs and Benefits Assessments in the planning process, including Housing Needs Assessments and Employment Needs Assessments. This Insight seeks to answer three FAQs on the different types of reports and how they can assist your scheme. 

Housing - countryside

Housing Needs Assessment prepared for 200+ homes

Viable Placemaking assisted a client with a Housing Type Needs Assessment for a scheme of 200+ units. Find out more about this landmark report for a strategic development at this Insight.


Viability Placemaking saves homeowner over £20k in CIL 

This Insight gives details on a recent project Viable Placemaking completed in 2023 where we saved a homeowner over £20k in CIL. 


Affordability Statement

Affordability Statements

Viable Placemaking recently assisted an applicant with an Affordability Statement to help secure planning permission for flats in the southeast. Find out more about this project in this dedicated Insight. 

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