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Many planning applications and appeals involve Heritage Statements to ensure the development does not have an unacceptable impact on a heritage asset. Our team have experience with a variety of developments involving Heritage Statements and may assist with these reports as part of our professional planning work. We review these reports on a case by case basis to ensure the client receives the service they require.

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Planning Services and Insights

Heritage - Service

Heritage Statements

A Heritage Statement is a standard report in many planning applications involving heritage assets, such as Listed Buildings and Conservation Areas. Due consideration of the heritage assets can be the difference in making a planning application successful. Viable Placemaking take Heritage Statements on a case-by-case basis and may assist with these alongside the planning requirements of the scheme.

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Professional Planning Advice

If you have a site and are considering what development may be possible at your site, or if you are looking to move forward with an application or appeal but would like some professional guidance or assistance, we will be able to provide professional planning advice to help guide you through the planning process.

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Planning Applications

Do you have a development which requires planning permission and seek professional input from a Chartered Town Planner? Whether your scheme is commercial, residential, leisure or otherwise - our team will be able to assist with the preparation of Planning, Design and Access Statements and the project management of your application.

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