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Planning - Sector


Our team has experience assisting with a range of developments, including residential, retail, strategic development, leisure, agricultural, industrial, and mixed use schemes. Whether you have a site which you are hoping to develop or need assistance with an ongoing planning/enforcement appeal, we are confident Viable Placemaking will be able to assist with your planning needs. 

Scroll down to see some of our key services related to Planning or, for more information on this Sector, please don't hesitate to get in touch

Planning Services and Insights

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Professional Planning Advice

If you have a site and are considering what development may be possible at your site, or if you are looking to move forward with an application or appeal but would like some professional guidance or assistance, we will be able to provide professional planning advice to help guide you through the planning process.

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Planning Applications

Do you have a development which requires planning permission and seek professional input from a Chartered Town Planner? Whether your scheme is commercial, residential, leisure or otherwise - our team will be able to assist with the preparation of Planning, Design and Access Statements and the project management of your application.

Planning Appeal Service

Planning Appeals

Have you received a decision notice refusing your planning application and are considering appealing the Council's decision? If you would like guidance on the process, assistance with an Appeal Statement or specialist Statement of Case, or attendance as an Expert Witness, we will be more than able to assist with your appeal.

Enforcement service


Have you received an Enforcement Notice claiming there has been a breach of planning control? Our team will be able to advise on the best process to overcome this, either through the planning process or an enforcement appeal.

Quick Guide - What is Planning__edited.p

Quick Guide - What is Planning?

Town Planning can be complicated and it can be difficult for homeowners and applicants to understand the what's and why's behind the profession.


This Quick Guide hopes to provide an introduction into the town planning system so that you can enter into your applications and appeals a bit more confident!



Paragraph 84e Applications

Paragraph 84(e) of the NPPF allows for the construction of a new house in the countryside providing it is of 'outstanding' design. These are sometimes known as 'Grand Design' Homes. Viable Placemaking's Director, Adam Place, has experience assisting with the planning for these homes. For more information, please get in touch

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