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Self-build homeowner saves £70k CIL

Viable Placemaking were thrilled to receive confirmation from Dartford Borough Council that a self-build exemption had been reinstated, saving the homeowner approximately £70k in Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) charges..

Earlier this year, Viable Placemaking were contacted by a fellow planning consultant to provide CIL-specific advice on a project which involved the creation of a new dwelling. The scheme had obtained a self-build exemption; however, this had been revoked by the Council, who issued a letter confirming the CIL would be charged in full with an additional surcharge.

Viable Placemaking conducted a CIL Review and Strategy which reviewed the history of the site and the development in the context of the CIL Regulations. This found that the total CIL which would be due as a result of the loss of the self-build exemption would be over £70k. However, we concluded that, while the Council's approach was understandable, in the context of recent case law and legislation, no disqualifying event had occurred and the self-build exemption should be reinstated.

We then wrote to the Council on the homeowner's behalf, which included extensive supporting information to support our case and reference to the relevant CIL regulations and planning legislation.

The Council reviewed all the information submitted and reinstated the self-build exemption. This saved the homeowner over £70k which would have been due.

Viable Placemaking were pleased to recieve this response and both the client and their planning consultant were thrilled with the result!

"I am delighted and you are worth your weight in gold."

CIL is complicated and many people, planning professionals included, can often get their heads in a spin trying to understand the rules, regulations and reasons around it. As a town planning consultancy with a specialism in development economics and viability, we frequently support homeowners, developers, architects, and fellow planning consultants in navigating CIL.

If you would like any assistance with CIL, please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.


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