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CMA Housebuilding Market Study

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded its housebuilding market study in England, Scotland, and Wales. The study found fundamental concerns in the housebuilding market.

The study found reviewed some of the key issues circulating the housebuilding industry, including land banking, quality of provision, under-resourcing in LPAs, and the role the complexity of the planning system plays in stagnating developments.

A key takeaway is that too few homes have been built - "less than 250,000 built last year across Great Britain – well below the 300,000-target for England alone."

You can find out more information in the CMA's press release, available here.

Viable Placemaking have published numerous Briefing Notes and other Insights on the housing crisis and issues facing the housebuilding industry. As a town planning consultancy, we are acutely aware of many of the issues facing developers, including SME housebuilders which are notably on the decline in recent years.

For more information on how Viable Placemaking can support your development, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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